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Tang Soo Do History

Tang Soo Do literally translated China Hand Way is a very popular Korean martial art practiced around the world. Tang Soo Do is a composite art of 60% Korean, 30% Northern Chinese and 10% Southern Chinese martial arts. 


Korea was occupied by the Japanese from 1910 through 1945. During this time, the Korean people were forbidden to practice Korean culture or Korean martial arts. Tae Kyun and Soo Bahk Do practitioners went underground to continue their training. In 1945, after World War II, these restrictions were lifted and many martial artists, including Moo Duk Kwan, as organized by Hwang Kee, were established. Master Hwang Kee combined Tae Kyun and Soo Bahk Do with the Chinese "Tang" method of martial arts and founded the organization called the Korea Soo Bahk Do Association, on November 9,1945 also known as Tang Soo Do.


In 1965, the Korea Tang Soo Do Association was established in an attempt to unite the Korean Martial Arts under one name. However, the Tang Soo Do practitioners chose to remain as traditionalists rather than join the sport oriented Tae Kwon Do organization.


Tang Soo Do is a living art. It continues to flourish around the world. It is not a sport but has great combat application. It is a classical martial art with a purpose: to develop every aspect of the self; totally integrating intellect, body, emotion, and spirit. This total integration develops a person free from inner conflict who deals with the world in a mature, intelligent, assertive, virtuous manner.


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