The Korean Martial Arts Academy
The Korean Martial Arts Academy
The Korean Martial Arts Academy
The Korean Martial Arts Academy

About Us

The Korean Martial Arts Academy is where the Korean Martial Art of Tang Soo Do and Pyeong Hwa Jeon Sa are taught. (Tang Soo Do, which means “Way of the China hand”), and  Pyeong Hwa Jeon Sa Do (translated, means “Way of the Peaceful Warrior”). Also techniques of the martial arts of Hapkido, Hankido and other Korean martial arts are incorporated.  All are defensive arts with some history and traditions dating back 2000 years. 

The balance between discipline, self-respect, self-defense, the use of ki (internal energy ), meditation and general martial arts techniques are the making of a Peaceful Warrior. At The Korean Martial Arts Academy our training is designed to create a well-rounded martial artist and prepare individuals to defend themselves and loved ones and to teach each student to become one with the mind, body and spirit.  Our, students are taught to resolve conflicts without fighting.  They are trained to walk away if possible.  By helping the students gain more confidence in themselves, they are prepared for any challenge.  Our program will also develop body conditioning, promote good health; build self-confidence, balance, self-control, self-respect and self-discipline.

By designed it is for everyone child and adult.  Family oriented we are progressively structured to suit people with no martial arts experience, limited athletic or physical ability as well as the athletes or students of other martial arts systems no matter the skill level.

           The major goal of the Korean Martial Arts Academy is the development of a positive attitude and a disciplined individual.



Our mission is to provide comprehensive mental and physical training through the martial arts. Our goal is to build relationships with the community, to positively cultivate and motivate students to maximize their unlimited potential.

 Our school will help to bring into focus your goals as an individual, in school, in life, in careers and in the martial arts.  Our unique martial arts system and experienced instructors will enrich the life of our students.


 Ko map sahm ni da

Jeon Sa / Tang Soo


Master James Stubbs 

Chief Instructor

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